Become a member

How to become a

To get the membership, you will need to do three tasks:

  1. fill the member application
  2. pay yearly membership fee ( 5€ for year 2021)
  3. plant a seedling in the Tsirgumäe Food Forest area

With the membership, you will be able to vote in the yearly annual meeting;

How to become a
supporting member

Supporting members are members who can’t plant the seedling, because of distance or some other reason, you need to do two tasks to become a supporting member:

  1. fill a member application
  2. make a donation to Tsirgumäe Food Forest NGO bank account.

With membership you will get benefits as:

Learn and practice with us;
overview how the food grows – 100% trust for the clean food;
access to the Food Forest area every day for walking trips;
buy organic food;
be a part of the Tsirgumäe Food Forest project!

Member Application Form

Fill the application form online or download the pdf, fill it in and send it to us.

You can also support our projects without joining

We have 33 Plant Species

Flower Icon

Ten Calendula Flowers
Price: 5€
Averaging 20 kg of petals per year

We have 221 Trees

Cherry Tree Icon

One Cherry Tree
Price: 25€
Averaging 60 kg of petals per year

We have 2 Shrubs Hedges

Shrub Icon

Twenty Edible Hedge Shrubs
Price: 154€
Averaging 20 kg of petals per year