My name is Tuuli, like the wind what caresses Tsirgumäe Food Forest. I grew up in countryside, my family had a few cows and sheep like everybody else in the village. When I was a child, I played in my mothers’ vegetable garden and admired all those beautiful flowers what she grew. I even had my own greenhouse where I chose and grew my own plants. Since then I have been as one with nature and can´t live without it, I need it like the air I breath.

I love to grow plants, talk to them like I do with my friends – I have so many house plants that I don´t have room for one more. But I still manage to find a spot for one more shop rescue, despite my husband’s grumble. It´s the same story with my cats – all four are rescued from shelter and we still find a room for one more foster cat.

Me and my husband Oliver are building a small farm near Hargla called Riisatare and it is a paradise on Mother Gaia. We have everything we dreamed of – ancient trees, stream and so many different species of plants, bushes, bugs, and mushrooms. We also plan to maintain our farm according the principles of permaculture and create small food forest.

We have already a good start – under tall and beautiful linden trees grows cherrys, chokeberrys, hops and small plums. Taking my experience from a childhood and studies as a field guide, I will be part of Tsirgumäe Food Forest team, creating this wonderful ecosystem of abundancy and versatility for Mother Gaia.