Hello. I’m Marelle. Long story shot: I have grown in big family in capital of Estonia. Once I discovered horses and all my life is somehow connected with them. There was a moment in early 20’s when I felt that I would love to live a countryside. As the life goes, if you dream then possibilities arrive. So, I moved from Tallinn to one sweet island.

I was living there a couple years, enjoyed beauty of nature. First summer I lived in small windmill, later I got my own apartment. In between I was travelling and searching for myself and I was quite sure that living in countryside is my choice. And then there was a time when I needed a job and I didn’t find a best job in small island, so I moved on the other side of Estonia. I moved to Setomaa.  

In that period of life I tried to keep farmhouse and I took first horses. And then there was a time to move further again because I was dreaming about my own farm. So, because of horses I found Parmu Ecovillage and brought my own farmhouse. And I established my own business Elukutsar OÜ, which focus on different horse services in South-Estonia and I’m also a riging instructor.

And food, which is organic and fresh, is part of my good life. So, when this idea of food forest came up, I felt that I really want to be part of this. It seems to be a really good investment for the future. Here I am 🙂